Senin, 27 Februari 2012


Herwindo Haribowo

ABSTRACT  :The present study describes the role of School Committee (SC) to increase quality of education and quality of education services using quantitative method. The researcher used survey as techniques of data collection and questionnaire as the main instrument of this study. This way, tabulation was used for the data analysis techniques. The research was conducted for 12 months starting from January to December 2006. Having all SCs in Indonesia, this study implemented purposive sampling techniques identified in the 15 provinces.  From every county, the researcher identified five education units including SD/MI, SMP/MTs, and SMA.  The study discovered that SC contributed successful role on: (1) partnering considerations to increase instructional-process with joy, (2) supporting implementation on the revision and legalizing School Plan Budget (RAPBS), (3) motivating surrounding society to have commitment to increase quality of education services, and (4) helping school to enhance mutual relationship and cooperation  among school, students-parents, and surrounding people. 
            KEYWORDS: scholl committe, sholl quality, society contribution
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